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BUDD LAKE, N.J., Mar. 7, 2002 -- Sage Analytic Technologies, LLC released the latest version of magicVORTEX, its file transfer service. magicVORTEX 1.5 is a software utility that works in conjunction with a web service to allow easy, secure and reliable transfers.

magicVORTEX helps businesses automate data communication tasks with their external partners. Technical obstacles often wreak havoc in exchanging data with outside vendors. With magicVORTEX, businesses can interact more efficiently because the sharing of large amounts of data is effortless. As compared to other file transfer solutions, magicVORTEX brings all the benefits of competing solutions and more but is much easier to configure and has a much lower cost. "This solution can be very powerful for companies looking to integrate their back-office operations involving large datasets," states Brian Mullin, President of Sage Analytic.

The technology is designed around the central concept called "facilitated streaming." Facilitated streaming technology allows you to send files directly to the desktop of another user even if the recipient is not online. magicVORTEX will methodically transfer the file, chunk by chunk, to the target computer regardless of either person's online status or connection speed. Both users can disconnect or shut down their computer at will -- the transfer will automatically resume the next opportunity it gets.

Several features are key to providing a data transfer solution that spans organizations. First is the use of Internet-style email addressing to locate recipients. No central directory of participants is necessary and therefore streamlines integration. Another key is the ability to pass through internal firewalls without using devious practices to circumvent security. Organizations can track the who, what, when and where, whenever data leaves their internal network. magicVORTEX has distinctive advantages over using email attachments due to its large file capacity (up to 2GB) and 128-bit encryption. Users have full control over their current transfers and other account information including transfer logs via the magicVORTEX website at

Brian Owens of BoatU.S. (Boat Owners Association of The United States), the nation's largest consumer boating organization, uses magicVORTEX to routinely transfer updates from their membership database to a marketing database managed off-site. "I've found magicVORTEX to be convenient, effective and very user-friendly. It certainly has made the handling of large files much simpler," says Owens.

From a service provider perspective, Gerald Kelly, Director of Marketing at Dominion Data Processing, Inc., a direct marketing service bureau located in Parsippany, NJ, uses magicVORTEX to coordinate data transfers from a network of clients and partners. "The magicVORTEX solution makes it easy for us to collect data from our partners without having to get the technology people involved each time," says Kelly. "I can call my direct contact and have them send data without worrying about the technical details. It beats using email which is completely unsecured and can't handle the volumes that we typically receive."

Founded in 2000, Sage Analytic Technologies, LLC is a privately held company based in Northern New Jersey that specializes in innovative business automation technologies. Contact information is available at