Online Features

The magicVORTEX application was designed to work in tandem with the magicVORTEX website. Several features are only available online. All online features that access your account require you to log in with your Primary Email Address and Password. If you've forgotten your password, then visit the Forgot Password page to have it emailed to you.

  Account Details

This page displays information about your magicVORTEX account. Some of the capabilities available here include:

  • Check how much data you can send at one time and what is currently available.
  • Review your billing plan and make changes if desired.
  • Find out how many days someone has to retrieve one of the files you sent before it expires.
  • Download another copy of the magicVORTEX application.
  • Have program upgrades sent directly to you via magicVORTEX.

Go to Account Details.

  File History

This page lists all of the files ever sent or received by you. By default, only the last 25 sent and 25 received files are shown. You can also filter the file list to include only files from a particular month for historical tracking.

Each file entry details:

  • The date & time the file transfer was initiated
  • The name of the file (Click to see more file information)
  • The sender's/recipient's name or email address (Click to send email to that person)
  • The current file status

Go to File History.


Aliases allow you to associate multiple email addresses that you may have to your magicVORTEX account. The benefit is that you can be reached through all of your email addresses no matter your current location.

This page lists your current aliases, as well as, allows you to add new aliases or delete unwanted aliases.

Go to Aliases.

  Blocked Users

You can prevent certain people from sending you files through this service by adding their email address to your Blocked Users list.

This page reviews which email addresses you have blocked from sending you files. It also allows you to type in additional email addresses to block, plus reinstate users by deleting blocks.

Go to Blocked Users.

  Guest List

Your Guest List displays all the people you have invited to send you files without having to sign up for their own accounts. The files that your guests send to you count against your Transfer Limit and can affect the amount of data you can send. To add someone to your Guest List, you must issue them a Guest Pass. Once issued, your guest will receive an email describing how to send you files and how long the Guest Pass is valid for.

Go to Guest List.


A Private Transfer Network (PTN) is a private community of users where sending data can be restricted to only other members of that community.

Within a Private Transfer Network, each member is assigned one of three restriction levels. In order from least restrictive to most restrictive, they are:

  • Universal - Members can transfer files to any Internet email address.
  • Core - Members can transfer files to any member within the Private Transfer Network.
  • Satellite - Members can transfer files to any Core or Universal members within the Private Transfer Network. With this restriction level, members cannot transfer files outside the network or to other Satellite members within the PTN. (This is useful for PTN where members should only send data to a central user or set of users.)

Go to Network.


This section will display the details of your magicVORTEX subscription plan. On this page you can:

  • Cancel your subscription plan
  • Change to a different subscription plan
  • Modify your contact and payment information
  • View your billing statement
  • Print past invoices

Go to Subscription.

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