New Account Dialog
  The New Account Dialog is the first window displayed after magicVORTEX is installed on a computer. From this dialog, a new account can be created or an existing account can be used on this computer. This process will create a new User Profile in the directory where magicVORTEX was installed. Each user of magicVORTEX on this computer will have his/her own User Profile. To switch the active User Profile, see the Switch User Dialog.
  First Time Users: See How do I sign-in? for details on signing in for the first time.
  Sign-up for a new account
  Displays the Sign Up page at the website to create a new account. A current and activated account is always required to use the magicVORTEX application.
  Email Address & Password
  The Email Address and Password that was used during the sign up process should be entered here. The email address that an account is started with is called the Primary Email Address and must be used for sign-in purposes. If any aliases have been created, they will not be accepted as a substitute for the Primary Email Address.
  Whenever an incorrect password is entered, magicVORTEX will display the hint that was supplied to aid in remembering the password. If this is still not enough for you to remember you password, then you can request that your password be emailed to you at the Forgot Password page.
  Note: All accounts require activation before they can be used to sign-in. The Account Activation page has more information on activating a new account.
  Save Password
  If the Save Password checkbox is checked, the password will be encrypted and stored in the newly created User Profile. Each time the application is started, the saved password will be used to automatically sign-in. If the automatic sign-in attempt fails, then a sign-in window will prompt for the correct password.
  Accepts the entered information, creates a new User Profile, and displays the default console if the sign-in attempt is successful.
  Cancels the process of creating a new User Profile on this computer. If no other User Profiles were active before, then the application will exit.
See also:
  Account Activation (website)
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