The Cage
  What is it?

The Cage is a directory (or folder) on your computer where magicVORTEX stores all data for files that are undergoing transfer. When you send a file, a copy of that file gets stored in the Cage until it is completed. Likewise, when a you are receiving a file, the data remains in the Cage until you either save that file or delete it. Saving a file can be thought of as pulling a file out of the Cage. You should only save files that you trust.

  Why is it important?

The Cage acts as a quarantine for files until they are completed. It can protect you from computer viruses by holding files in a secured area. You can always safely delete a file from the Cage before it can harm your computer if, in fact, it turns out to be a malicious program. Remember to never save a suspicious-looking file, delete it immediately. If you get a file from someone you cannot identify, use caution and inquire via email before saving it.

Another way the Cage is important is to limit how much hard disk space gets used by transfers. The Maximum Cage Size setting limits how much data can be stored in the Cage at one time. This setting can help prevent incoming files from using up all of your hard disk space.

  What to do if your Cage is Full

Once the Cage becomes full, all incoming transfers will be suspended until more space in the Cage is opened up. You can solve this problem in two ways. First, you could increase your Maximum Cage Size setting to allocate more hard disk space for the Cage. Second, you could delete or abort files that you are actively transferring to free up space in the Cage.

  To learn more about the your Cage's current status or to expand your Maximum Cage Size, see Cage Status Indicator.