The Recipient Dialog is used to specify the one or more recipients of an outgoing file.

This dialog is displayed during the Send process after the one or more files have been chosen. All options, with the exception of Recipient address, are optional.
  Displays the filename of the file to be sent OR displays how many files are to be sent if multiple files were selected.
  Enter the email address of the recipient of the file(s). Multiple addresses are to be separated by semicolons (;).

  • Example:
  • Confirmation
      If the checkbox is checked then the Sender will receive a message via email detailing the results of this transmission. The message will contain information on the file details, time of completion, and the final File Status.

    If the checkbox is cleared then the Sender will not receive any email messages.
      Enter an optional description of the file(s) so that the Recipient(s) can more easily determine their context.
    Recipient Dialog Box
    Address Book
      Displays the Windows default address book. Entries can be dragged onto the Recipient Dialog instead of retyping.
      Accepts the entered information and proceeds with the sending of the chosen file(s).
      Cancels the Send process. None of the chosen files will be sent.