Program State
  magicVORTEX has four (4) different program states that can be displayed in the Program State section of the application's status bar. (The left-most section of the status bar.)
  The program states are:
  All Transfers Paused
  This state denotes that the application has been paused and that all communications with the Relay have been temporarily halted.
  Cage Limit Exceeded
  This state denotes that the application's Cage has been filled. Once this state has been reached, no additional data will be transferred on incoming files and no new transfers may be initiated. Outgoing files will continue to transfer normally, as long as the outgoing file's transfer was initiated prior to the Cage Limit Exceeded state. In order to alleviate this state, the user may either:
  Note: The application may achieve the Cage Limit Exceeded state if the computer's hard drive is full.
  See Cage Status Indicator and/or Settings Dialog (Cage) for additional details.
  This state denotes that the application is currently unable to communicate with the Relay. In itself this does not denote an error condition. The application will be in the Offline state, for example, if it is not connected to the Internet.
  This state denotes that the application is operating properly.
See also:
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