Product Overview

magicVORTEX is a file transfer service built to overcome the difficulties involved in sending and receiving large files over the Internet. It represents a complete rethinking on the approach to transferring data. Its aim is to provide fire-and-forget transmission to anyone with an email address. No software to worry about. No firewall issues. No size limits like email attachments.

The design revolves around the central concept we call "facilitated streaming." Facilitated streaming technology allows you to send files directly to the desktop of another user even if the recipient is not on-line. The speed of the file transfers are still limited by the available connection bandwidth of each party. The benefit is that no one needs to be concerned with ensuring the transfer is proceeding normally. magicVORTEX will methodically transfer the file, chunk by chunk, to the target computer regardless of either person's on-line status or connection speed. Both users can disconnect or shut down their computer at will - the transfer will automatically resume the next opportunity it gets.