Make Local (Grid Console only)
  One of the more powerful features of magicVORTEX is the ability to make a file local. This allows a user to redirect his or her own transferring file from one computer to another. This is only available if a user has magicVORTEX installed on more than one computer.
  For example, Sarah has magicVORTEX installed on her home computer as well as on her work computer. On Friday afternoon, Sarah begins receiving a file from her manager which she'll need for her Monday morning presentation. Knowing that she'll need this file at home, she Pauses the file. Saturday morning when she sits down in front of her home computer, she presses the Make Local button (after selecting that file) and Unpauses the file. Immediately the file, that she began downloading on her work computer, begins to download to her home computer.
  In order for Make Local to function, a file must be incoming, it must be Paused, and it must not be local to this computer (i.e., it began downloading to a different computer). If a file does not fit this criteria, then the Make Local button will be diabled (see below).
Make Local button (disabled)

Grid Console
  Note: In Grid Console mode, the Make Local operation can be performed from the Windows menu.
  Making a file local
  In order for the Make Local functionality to be available, the following conditions must be met:
  • A user must have magicVORTEX installed on more than one computer
  • A user must have one account set up on more than one computer
  • A file must be incoming
  • The file must be Paused
  • The file must be flagged as "Not available on this computer" in the file grid's 'Notes' column
    Note that files flagged in this way should have a grayed-out incoming icon:
    (As opposed to the standard black incoming icon: )
  If all of these conditions have been met then a user can utilize the Make Local functionality. In order to Make Local a file, the Make Local button must be pressed.
Make Local button

Grid Console
  Once pressed, the file will immediately be local to that computer. If the user wishes to begin downloading that file to that computer, the user must then Unpause it.
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