Grid Console Menu
  Send Initiates the Send process
Pauses or Resumes the selected file based on its current state
Aborts or Deletes the selected file based on its status
  File Info Displays the File Information Popup on the selected file
  Save Saves the selected file
  Block Sender Blocks the Sender of the selected file from sending a file to you in the future
  Make Local Takes control of a file sent to you at a different location
  Close Closes the console window
  Exit Exits (quits) the application
  Pause All Transfers
(Resume All Transfers)
Pauses or Resumes all communication between the application and the Relay
  Clear Inactive Files Clears all Inactive Files from the Grid Console
  Refresh Refreshes the list of files from the Relay
  Select All Selects all files
  Switch Skin Switches to the Radar Console
  Settings... Displays the Settings Dialog
  My Account Displays your current Account Information online
  File History Displays your current File History online
  Address Book Displays the Windows Address Book
  Change Password Displays the Change Password Dialog
  New Account Displays the New Account Dialog
  Switch User Displays the Switch User Dialog
  Display Topics Displays the Help Contents online
  View License Agreement Displays the license agreement
  About magicVORTEX... Displays the application's About popup