Grid Console
  Above is clickable image of the Grid Console. This is one of the two skins included with magicVORTEX. To see the other skin, see Radar Console.
  Point and click on the image to learn about what each control does.
  Note: The console always starts in the lower right corner of the desktop.
Del   Aborts or Deletes the selected file based on its status

Enter   Displays a File Information Popup on the selected file

F1   Displays the Help Contents online

F4   Switches to the Radar Console

F5   Refreshes the list of files in the file grid

Ctrl+A   Selects all files

Ctrl+Click   Selects multiple non-contiguous files

Ctrl+S   Initiates the Send process

Ctrl+V   Saves the selected file

Shift+Click   Selects multiple contiguous files

+   Increases the Transfer Rate

-   Decreases the Transfer Rate