Getting Started
  Welcome to magicVORTEX.
The easiest way to send files carefree on the Internet.
  First Time Users
  How do I know if magicVORTEX is running?
How do I sign-in?
Am I online?
How do I know a file is transferring?
How do I know I've received a file?
Why does my magicVORTEX screen look different?
  Opening the Console
  Click the Tray Icon system tray icon to open the magicVORTEX Console (typically located in the bottom, right corner of the desktop)
  Sending Files
  1. Click the Send button     Send or Send
2. Choose one or more files
3. Type in the recipient's email address
  Saving Received Files
  1. Select a file with a "Ready to Save" status
2. Click the Save button     Save or Save
3. Choose a destination directory for the saved file
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