Why does my magicVORTEX screen look different?
  Currently, magicVORTEX supports two (2) different skins. One of these skins, the Radar Console, is only supported if your computer can handle True Color graphics. The other skin, the Grid Console, is available in any of the resolutions supported by the magicVORTEX.
In order to switch between the two skins, press the F4 key when the application is active. If this does not "do anything", then your computer does not support the minimum graphics necessary to run the Radar Console.

Radar Console
Minimum Requirements

  • 800x600 resolution
  • True Color (24-bit)
  • Small fonts (96 dpi)

  • Grid Console
    Minimum Requirements

  • 640x480 resolution
  • 16 Colors
  •   See Radar Console or Grid Console for additional details.