How do I sign-in?
  If you do not have a magicVORTEX account, then signing up for a new account is the first step. Go to Sign Up.
  When you start the magicVORTEX application for the first time, the New Account Dialog window will prompt you to provide the Email Address and Password that you used during the sign up process.
  The email address that you started your account with is called your Primary Email Address and must be used for sign-in purposes. If you have created an alias, it will not be accepted as a substitute for the Primary Email Address.
  Note: Your account requires activation before you can use it to sign-in. The Account Activation page has more information on activating your new account.
  Save Password Option
  If you check the Save Password checkbox on the Sign-In window, your password will be encrypted and stored in a configuration file. Each time the application is started, your saved password will be used to automatically sign-in without prompting you. If the automatic sign-in attempt fails, then you will be prompted to enter the correct password.
  Forgot Password
  Whenever an incorrect password is entered, magicVORTEX will display the hint that you supplied to help you remember your password. If this is still not enough for you to remember you password, then you can request that your password be emailed to you at the Forgot Password page.