In magicVORTEX, files are represented either as file icons on the radar scope (in Radar Console mode) or as individual rows in the file grid (in Grid Console mode). In addition to the standard file information (which can be accessed via the File Information Popup), each file is considered to have a direction.
  • Incoming files will be marked with the icon
  • Outgoing files will be marked with the icon
  In Grid Console mode (only), the number of files in the file grid will be displayed in an indicator (pictured below) in the status bar. Therefore, even if the Grid Console window is sized smaller than the total number of rows, the user will know how many rows actually exist in the grid.
File Count Indicator
(Grid Console only)
  Multiple Files and Recipients
  One of the benefits of using magicVORTEX is that in one Send operation, a user can send multiple files to multiple Recipients. When performing such an operation, the net effect is that each file sent will appear once (on the console) for each Recipient sent to. This allows the Sender to track each file to each Recipient individually, as well as, perform any other operations required on a "per file per Recipient" basis.
For example, if the Sender were to send 3 files to 2 Recipients, then 6 files would be present in the console for tracking.
See Sending Files for additional details.
  File context menus
  In either console, you may at anytime right-click on a file (icon or row) in order to access the file's context menu.
Right-click context menu
  The context menu will allow a user to perform the same actions that the toolbar buttons allow.
  In addition, if you double-click a file (icon or row), the File Information Popup will be displayed for that file.
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