The File Information Popup is used to provide detailed information about a specific file.
Direction Incoming files (denoted by the icon) are files that are sent to you. You are the Recipient.
Outgoing files (denoted by the icon) are files that are sent by you. You are the Sender.
Filename The name of the file.
Date The file date of the file.
Size The file size of the file (in bytes).
Description A description for the file provided by the Sender of the file.
Saved to The full path to where the file will be saved (or has been saved).
Initiated on The date and time that this file was Published.
Expires in A countdown timer displaying when the file will Expire.
Status The file's current File Status.
Progress The percent complete for the file. This value is averaged from the Percent Sent and Percent Received values.
Sender The full name of the file's Sender. In addition, the bytes sent to the Relay (by the Sender) is also displayed.
Recipient If available, the full name of the file's Recipient; otherwise, the Recipient's email address. In addition, the bytes received from the Relay (by the Recipient) is also displayed.