Abort (Delete)
  A file may be Aborted (Deleted) as long as it is not already Completed, Expired, or Purged.
  (Grid Console only)
In such cases when a file cannot be aborted or deleted, the Abort (Delete) button will be disabled (see below). To remove aborted and deleted files from the Grid Console, see Clear Inactive Files.
Abort (Delete) button (disabled)

Grid Console
  The Radar Console does not have a disabled version of the Abort (Delete) button, because files that cannot be Aborted (Deleted) are no longer on the radar scope.
  Note: In Grid Console mode (only), Aborting (Deleting) a file can be performed from the Windows menu.
  What's the difference between Abort and Delete?
  A file may be Aborted only while it is still transferring. This file operation is available to both the Sender and the Recipient.
A file may only be Deleted once it has successfully Completed transferring to the Recipient's Cage. This file operation is provided simply to give the Recipient (only) an easy way to remove a file from the Cage without having to Save the file first.
  Aborting / Deleting a file
  In order to Abort (Delete) a file, the Abort (Delete) button must be pressed.
Abort (Delete) button

Radar Console

Grid Console
  When a file is Aborted, it will stop transferring immediately, it will be removed from both the Sender's and the Recipient's Cages, and it will be flagged as Aborted by Sender or Aborted by Recipient (depending upon who actually performed the Abort operation).
When a file is Deleted, it will be removed from the Recipient's Cage and will be flagged as Purged for the Recipient. Please note, however, the Sender of a Deleted file will still see that the file was Completed, since it was, in fact, successfully delivered to the Recipient.
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