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 New Feature Requests

Date Posted:
 6/19/2003 08:23 (UTC)

My thought was:
sender creates a request for sending a file
based on the senders id the request is opened and account awaits sender to send a file
once a file is successfully sent it is tagged with the senders id

This all happens under one master account.

The master account holder runs a server application which checks periodically if new files have been uploaded.

If so, it will download the files and do with them whatever it pleases. This is quite simple as the link is an http url.
 magicVORTEX Team

Date Posted:
 6/19/2003 22:06 (UTC)

As a matter a fact, we've recently implemented such an "HTTP-based API" as a web service. Whether it's used by servers, client computers or both, it's the perfect automation solution for computers required to transfer files to one another. For those interested in implementing this new web service, please contact us.
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