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 New Feature Requests
can I send instructions in .txt attachment or .doc form?
 Loren saxton

Date Posted:
 4/20/2002 02:39 (UTC)

is it possible to send an attachment in addition to the area provided to send recipient a message so they can get instructions in details with screen shots and 1000+ characters on what to do with file sent them. is this possible? This would be handy, becuase I might send a 10+MB file but the recipient has not idea the prompts and settings I want them to make up install of the app I vortex to them. I'd like the feature.
 magicVORTEX Team

Date Posted:
 4/22/2002 14:01 (UTC)

A suggestion for sending instructions along with the file would be...

Send all the .doc files and any screenshots as independent transfers. Add the comment "Please read these instructions before installing."
Next, send the main installation program with the comment, "Please read the instructions.doc file before installing."
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Sending files to yourself can be a great way to share files between your work and home computers. Just install the magicVORTEX application on both computers and use the same email address to sign in.