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Sending whole file directories
 James Halama

Date Posted:
 11/16/2005 19:33 (UTC)

I have read that the magicVortex application can only send files and not whole directory structures. Our intended use is sending medical images found in several sub-directories. I understand we can zip the whole structure into one file, but that requires that our clients have and are capable of using a zip program. Are there plans in future releases of your product to include transferring whole directory structures?
 magicVORTEX Team

Date Posted:
 11/16/2005 21:51 (UTC)

While we are not currently working on a version of magicVORTEX that will transfer file directories and/or subdirectories, we are always examining our options. Should magicVORTEX be upgraded to include such a feature, we will announce it on our website.
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