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Receiving from guest

Date Posted:
 9/8/2003 19:23 (UTC)

I'm using the 30 day trial.

I was testing the Guest Pass feature and
received a file from the guest.

When I started the magicVortex application,
I could see that he sent me a file.

I wanted to try downloading with my
Browser, so I logged on, but there were
no files to dowload when I clicked the
"Pickup Files" tab.

What happened? If I had not opened
the magicVortex app, would I have been
able to see the file and download it via my

If not, how am I expected to download a
file if I am not using a computer with the
application installed?

This gets into another area that is fuzzy
to me. Is the magicVortex app screen
actually the contents of the cage?
When I open the magicVort app does it
automatically download files sent to me
into the cage? This would explain why my
test file saved so fast -- It was already on
my computer.

If I am traveling, and only have access to
a 2400 baud hotel phone line, I don't want
to download large files. If the magicVort
application automatically starts downloading,
then I will be stuck for a long time waiting
for the download. Should I check for files
sent to me via "Pickup Files" with a browser
instead of the magicVort app?
Remember, I might not be using the same
computer while traveling, so a partial download
is no good if I don't finish the download on the
same computer. Also, the magicVort app would
have to be installed on whatever computer I
use when traveling.

It's surprising how something like magicVortex
that seems simple on the surface, can get so

Thanks for any replies
 magicVORTEX Team

Date Posted:
 9/8/2003 20:16 (UTC)

As soon as the magicVORTEX application begins downloading a file, that file is no longer downloadable via the magicVORTEX website (using the "Pickup Files" tab). If you would have accessed the "Pickup Files" tab first, then you would have seen the file listed (and available for download) there. Please note, that once you start the downloading a file using either method, it is no longer available for the download using 'other' method. For example, if you download a file via the website, then you cannot download it via the application. The opposite is also true. If you'd like to be able to access your files from more than one computer, then I would suggest using the website for all of your file transfers.

The files that are displayed in the magicVORTEX application may include files that are currently in your Cage.

When the magicVORTEX application is running on your computer, then it will automatically download files that were sent to you. In addition when you "Open" it, the application automatically checks the magicVORTEX Relay Server to see if you have any new files to download and it also checks to see if the status of any existing files have changed. If the file you received was extremely small (only a few kilobytes, for example), then there is a good possibility that the magicVORTEX application downloaded the file before you could have even known about it.

If you are connected to the Internet via a slow dial-up connection, then all you need to do is use the application's pause functionality in order to get the desired behavior. The magicVORTEX application allows you to "Pause" files individually as well as allowing you to "Pause All Transfers" altogether.

Please note that there is an important technical difference between the two types of pausing. When you "Pause All Transfers", then you stop the magicVORTEX application from communicating with the magicVORTEX Relay Server. Note that each file's status does not change. When you "Pause" an individual file, then the magicVORTEX application will not transfer any more data of that one file. The paused file's status will change to "Paused". However, all other files will continue to transfer normally. In addition, once you "Pause" an individual file that file will now be accessible for downloading via the magicVORTEX website's "Pickup Files" tab.

If you travel extensively and you do not use the same computer, then I would suggest (as above) using magicVORTEX's online (i.e., web-based) send and receive functionality. Although you will not have all of the features that the magicVORTEX application gives you, you will save yourself from hours of hassle by performing all of you file transfers via the website.

Finally to learn more about the magicVORTEX application, please visit our online help at:
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Sending files to yourself can be a great way to share files between your work and home computers. Just install the magicVORTEX application on both computers and use the same email address to sign in.