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Saving a file.

Date Posted:
 8/28/2003 20:55 (UTC)

I have received a file. The icon has not turned on to save and the save under file is grayed out. It shows 100% sent and 100% received and completed. How do I save the file? Also for some reason the cage folder is my email address. Should this not be a folder?
Thanks for your help.
 magicVORTEX Team

Date Posted:
 8/29/2003 00:31 (UTC)

There are few ways that the magicVORTEX application can report a "Completed" status when you are the recipient. Here are just two possible scenarios:

- If you've transferred a file to yourself between two different computers, then from the sending computer you'll see the "Completed" status once the recipient computer had completely downloaded your file. On the recipient computer, that same file will have the "Ready to Save" status (before you actually save the file).

- During the download process (even before a file is completely transferred) you can specify a folder where a file is to be saved. You do this by pressing the Save button and selecting a folder. However, instead of saving the file at that time, the application remembers your destination folder and saves your file to that folder as soon as the file is completely transferred.

As mentioned above, the actual act of saving a file is done by selecting a file (or files) and pressing the Save button. If saving a single file, the application will prompt you to supply a filename and destination folder. If you are saving multiple files at once, then the application only prompts you to specify a folder. Once this is done, the file is moved from the magicVORTEX Cage to the folder that you specified.

Finally, the fact that a folder exists within your magicVORTEX Cage named after your email address is completely normal. This is by design. It allows the magicVORTEX application to keep the files separated for each user.

Please remember that you can always learn more about the magicVORTEX application by reviewing our online help at:
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When sending a file to multiple recipients, magicVORTEX sends the data only once, but tracks each recipient separately.