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magicVORTEX application problems

Date Posted:
 8/23/2003 16:26 (UTC)

I'm using WinXP Pro and having a lot of problems
getting the magicVORTEX application to run conistently.

1. It seems to only run properly after installation
and only until I turn off the compuer.
2. On starting the computer, I am asked for the
Vortex password, but the system tray icon
doesn't always show up. If it does show up,
the blue dot in the center indicates that it is
not online. I don't see anyplace to click on to
put it online, either.
3. Sometimes (maybe always) after starting the
computer, since the magicVORTEX app doesn't
run, if I manually click on the icon in the Start|
All Programs|magicVORTEX menu, I am asked
for my password and after entering it anc clicking
OK, nothing happens -- The system tray still does
not show the magicVORTEX icon.

I was about to get a permanent account, but the
behavior of the magicVORTEX application has given
me second thoughts.

Can anyone solve this problem?
 magicVORTEX Team

Date Posted:
 8/25/2003 15:25 (UTC)

The magicVORTEX application runs perfectly for thousands of users of our service, so I imagine we just need to isolate what is wrong in your case to get you back on track.

You mentioned that you are asked for a password when the application starts up. This is an indication that the program is not properly associated with a magicVORTEX account.

Let's first verify the account information by visiting and typing in the account's Primary Email Address and the password. Only the email address provided during the sign up process is valid for logging in. If you can successfully login at the website, then we're ready to try the application setup again.

When you're asked for your password, the window will have one of the following titles, "Welcome to magicVORTEX" or "magicVORTEX Sign-in", depending on where the difficulty is.

If the window is titled "Welcome to magicVORTEX":
1. Type in the Primary Email Address and password that was verified at the website.
2. Make sure the Save Password option is checked.
3. Click OK.

If the window is titled "magicVORTEX Sign-in":
1. Check the email address listed. If is correct, then supply the correct password and click OK and you're done.
2. If the email address does not match the verified email address, then click the "Other" link and next click the "New Account" button.
3. Follow the steps for "Welcome to magicVORTEX" window above.

If the above steps do not help resolve your problem, then the next step is to check some of your system configuration options, including any anti-virus protection (that sometimes block Internet traffic).

I hope this helps you use the magicVORTEX application successfully.
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