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Sending a Folder

Date Posted:
 7/24/2003 18:40 (UTC)

When I drag a folder to the grid I get the dialog window to enter the email address, which I do. I next check the confirmation box. Next, I attempt to send, but I get a message that the program can't open the folder. The folder is a folder with a subbolder and in that subfolder are 7 files. The total size is 7 Mb. What am I doing wrong? Any advice would be appreciated.
 magicVORTEX Team

Date Posted:
 7/24/2003 19:19 (UTC)

Many magicVORTEX users have been asking how to send multiple files or an entire directory in one transmission.

What we have been recommending is to use a file compression tool like WinZip from WinZip Computing, Inc. to compress multiple files together into one file. Next, send the one file via magicVORTEX and expand it on the receiving side.

This technique has several benefits.
1. Your recipient will only receive one email notification message.
2. Your data will be compressed and take less time to transmit.
3. You can retain the directory structure if subfolders were included in the compressed file.

Make sure your recipient has the appropriate software to decompress your file. To download WinZip, visit
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