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Download Time

Date Posted:
 5/7/2003 03:09 (UTC)

I have spent 5 + hours sending a 56 MB file.
It is in RM ( Real Media) format and has video and audio. Is this normal? I have DSL, and this transfer is SLOW. (It was going faster via the web, but I got bumped. So, I tried using the application, it seems much slower. Please answer!~
 magicVORTEX Team

Date Posted:
 5/7/2003 03:33 (UTC)

While broadband Internet connections (e.g., DSL, cable modem, etc.) have excellent download rates, they typically suffer from slow upload rates. This is why the upload portion of the transfer appears to be so slow. Quite a few tools exist on the Internet that help you measure your Internet upload and download rates.

Examples of such tools can be found at:

The magicVORTEX application is perfect for managing your file transfers since it allows you to: automatically re-start a file transfer exactly where you left off (in case you need to shutdown you computer), pause a file transfer, send multiple files at once, and automatically download any file sent to you, just to list a few features.
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