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How do I sign up for 30 free days?

Date Posted:
 3/1/2003 23:48 (UTC)

I was trying to sign up for the 30 free days, but couldn't find the place to. I could only get to the paid registration pages where I have to enter credit card info. How do I sign up for 30 free days?
 magicVORTEX Team

Date Posted:
 3/2/2003 06:15 (UTC)

All that you need to do is visit the magicVORTEX Sign Up page and complete all of the steps that are presented. During the subscription plan step, select the "Introductory Plan". After you've completed the sign up process, the magicVORTEX Relay Server will send you an automated email containing an account activation code and instructions on how to activate your newly created magicVORTEX account.

The magicVORTEX Sign Up page is located at:
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