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HIPAA Compliant

Date Posted:
 2/5/2003 10:46 (UTC)

Is this file transfer service HIPAA compliant for medical information transfer purposes? Everyone on the MTDAILY.COM boards keeps talking about some requirements that have to be met by everyone later this year. Even though I do not transcribe medical from doctors I am using your service to transfer files regarding dictation on medical insurance claims.

Could someone please find out by visiting to be sure your transfer service is compliant? If so, I will be able to recommend you to other medical transcriptionist instead of the more expensive services and/or FTP they are using which is a pain because both parties have to download software, etc. and find a server to send it through, etc. Your service is so much easier to use because I can just issue guest passes to anyone sending files to me and they don't have to learn anything new with your easy instructions provided with the guest pass.

 magicVORTEX Team

Date Posted:
 2/5/2003 20:40 (UTC)

Please read the magicVORTEX HIPAA Conformance Statement available on the Community page.

The direct link to this document is:
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