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Multiple Recipients of the Same File

Date Posted:
 7/15/2002 17:40 (UTC)

I have several questions about sending one large file to multiple recipients. I believe your web site says I can send the same uploaded file to up to 10 separate recipients.

1. Is the "10 recipients per file" maximum correct?

2. If I want to send the same large file to 100 recipients, do I have to upload that file 10 times. for each 10 recipients?

3. If I have a file uploaded for 10 recipients, and 9 of the recipients have downloaded and only 1 has not, is the space reserved for that file still unusable until that 10th recipient downloads?

4. If I want to just boot that 10th recipient who hasn't downloaded, can I cancel his "invite" to download that file?

5. On the larger plans that have 14 or 30 day expirations, can I set the expiration on a file to a shorter time, such as 7 days?

I know these are a lot of questions, but if I can get them answered I am very interested in using your service. Thanks...
 magicVORTEX Team

Date Posted:
 7/15/2002 18:27 (UTC)

In response to your questions:

1. Yes. The number of recipients per file is set to 10 in order to discourage people from using magicVORTEX to "spam".

2. Yes.

3. Yes. Space is reserved against your Transfer Limit while any files exist that are not completed, aborted, or expired.

4. Yes. This process is called Aborting a file. Each file can be aborted by either the sender or the recipient. Each recipient you send to represents an individually trackable transmission. For data transfer purposes, the file sent to all 10 recipients acts as 1 file. For file tracking purposes, there will be 10 independent transfers that can be individually aborted.

5. Not at this time. Any file can be aborted before its expiration date.
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