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Unable to log into new account
 Bill Motley

Date Posted:
 7/4/2002 17:12 (UTC)

I am unable to log into my account although I signed up for the trial version and was sent a confirmation that verified my email address and gave an activation #. I then signed up again under a different e-dress with the same result. Please advise.

Bill Motley

 magicVORTEX Team

Date Posted:
 7/4/2002 21:30 (UTC)

After signing up, your account needs to be Activated before it can be used. You will need to wait for an email message from Vortex Relay that contains the activation code that you should enter on the Account Activation Form.

When you get the email message with your activation code, please go to the following web page:

Once there, type in your email address used during the sign up procedure and enter the activation code listed in the email message. Click the "Activate" button when done.

This step is important because it ensures that nobody besides yourself can use your email address with magicVORTEX.
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