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File recepient authentication

Date Posted:
 4/25/2002 19:39 (UTC)

How do you authenticate the file recepient? I am concerned about the email with the link to the file I sent being used by someone other than the intended person. Is there a log on ID or PIN number that I would share with the recepient that would authenticate them along with the file ID from the email?

Please let me know how to handle this. Without an effective manner of addressing this, I cannot use your service for the medical data that I need to transfer to and from hospitals.

Other than this issue, I would sign up today!

Thank you for your time.

 magicVORTEX Team

Date Posted:
 4/25/2002 20:42 (UTC)

Email notification works differently depending on whether your recipient is a magicVORTEX user or not.

When you send a file to another magicVORTEX user, it is automatically downloaded by the magicVORTEX application straight to the recipient's desktop. If the recipient is not using the application, then they will receive an email message with a link to pick it up. The recipient will have to provide their password before getting access to the file.

When you send a file to an email address that is not registered to a magicVORTEX user, then the recipient will always receive a notification email message. Non-users are not, however, asked for their password (they do not have one). In this case, access to the email message equates to access directly to the file.

To ensure the tightest security, make certain that your recipient is also a registered user. This can be accomplished at the website at:

Remember, magicVORTEX accounts are always free -- only sending files requires an active subscription plan.

A way to guarantee that files are only sent to secure recipients is to utilize a magicVORTEX Private Transfer Network. This option is available to group accounts. Please inquire at for more information on Private Transfer Networks.

Date Posted:
 8/20/2002 04:44 (UTC)

Where is the free account link? I see you can get a "free trial" account - is that what you are talking about? If that is the only free account, what happens after the 30 days are up? Do you get to still transfer files, or are you required to sign up for a subscription, whether or not you are sending files?


 magicVORTEX Team

Date Posted:
 8/20/2002 15:36 (UTC)

To start a free trial account, simply sign up and choose the Introductory Plan. No billing information questions will be asked. You can send files using the Introductory Plan for 30 days. After that time, the account reverts to a free, receive-only account. This is perfect for users that find themselves typically on the receiving end of transfers.

It is important to note that any account with an expired subscription becomes a free, receive-only account. In the future, you can purchase a subscription at any time (and terminate it at time as well) to enable the sending of files.
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When sending a file to multiple recipients, magicVORTEX sends the data only once, but tracks each recipient separately.