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Command Line
 Jeroen de Vries

Date Posted:
 12/18/2001 14:22 (UTC)

Is it possible to start MagicVortex with command line options to send a file (or files) to a certain account without any interactive intervention.
 magicVORTEX Team

Date Posted:
 12/18/2001 15:22 (UTC)

As of the 1.4 release of magicVORTEX it is not possible to send a file via the command line.

There are two ways of approaching the automation of sending files.

ActiveX automation
magicVORTEX is built on top of an ActiveX component called the Vortex Transfer Agent. All transfer operations are managed by this component. The magicVORTEX executable is only responsible for the user interface. The Vortex Tranfer Agent (VTA) can be embedded in all kinds of applications. Please request documentation on using the VTA directly by emailing:

Command line
We are planning on adding a command line send feature in the next release. The problem is that when you send a file via magicVORTEX, the "Send" action only initiates a file transfer. It does not synchronously transfer the entire file right then. The actual data transfer is a continuing process that persists across network failure, computer shutdowns, etc.

The command line tool could only tell you that the file was initiated successfully. Something must be running in the background to faciliate the actual sending of data. A background process (possibly a NT service) would need to be written. Another possibility is to use the existing magicVORTEX application to do the transfer and have a command line utility communicate with the app to send files.

What are your thoughts on this? How would you like to see it work?
 Jeroen de Vries

Date Posted:
 12/18/2001 17:01 (UTC)

I hoped that the Vortex could be a solution for automated file transfers between computers (for example: multiple computers on different physical locations of an enterprise).
I was thinking of an interface where applications could use the command-line options to add files to the queue and use something like a /FLUSH option to force all pending files and shutdown the service. This way you can even think of a simple shortcut on your desktop to send some files to a fixed location. Same thing for recieving files, some option to force a synchronisation and an option to 'get' the latets files from the vortex and store them in a directory of your choice.

 magicVORTEX Team

Date Posted:
 7/15/2002 19:25 (UTC)

Beginning with version 1.6, the magicVORTEX application can send files from the command-line.

Complete syntax is available in the Product Information Forum.
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Sending files to yourself can be a great way to share files between your work and home computers. Just install the magicVORTEX application on both computers and use the same email address to sign in.