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1.8 Upgrade

Date Posted:
 9/9/2008 13:31 (UTC)

I downloaded the 1.8 upgrade to my desktop and tried to run it, but Windows did not know what type of file it was. I then downloaded it to Program Files/MagicVortex and still nothing happened.

How do I run this upgrade?

 magicVORTEX Team

Date Posted:
 9/9/2008 13:46 (UTC)

The magicVORTEX upgrade system (available at: requires the magicVORTEX application to be already installed on your computer. The upgrade allows the magicVORTEX application to automatically upgrade itself from a previous version of the application (that is, version 1.7 or earlier). If your version of the magicVORTEX application is already 1.8, then the 1.8 upgrade will have no effect.

When you request an upgrade via our website, a special upgrade file is sent to your magicVORTEX account. This file should be requested when you are actively connected to the magicVORTEX File Transfer Service using the magicVORTEX application. The application will then immediately begin downloading this special upgrade file and upon completion of its transfer, the magicVORTEX application will automatically access and run this special file in order upgrade itself. You will not need to perform any other actions when upgrading your magicVORTEX application in this manner.

Therefore, to upgrade your magicVORTEX application you should:
1) Run the magicVORTEX application (and verify that it is "Online")
2) Visit: in order to request an upgrade
3) Allow the magicVORTEX application to automatically download and upgrade itself
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