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Any updates available for Address Book Fix

Date Posted:
 1/12/2007 23:21 (UTC)

I just upgraded my Outlook from 2000 to 2002. Prior to the upgrade, when I clicked on your "Address Book" button when sending a file to a recipient, my Outlook
"Contacts" file contents would be displayed and I could drag and drop e-mail addresses.

With the upgrade to Outlook 2002 when I click on your "Address Book" button, my empty Windows Address Book file appears.

I followed the regedit instructions in the link to Microsoft you provided ( but my Outlook settings were already -0-.

It has to be something simple as it was working fine with Outlook 2000.

Any other ideas?

 magicVORTEX Team

Date Posted:
 1/13/2007 02:11 (UTC)

Set the 'UseOutlook' registry DWORD value to "1".

Date Posted:
 1/13/2007 20:27 (UTC)

Ok, that worked...But... I'm running XP and didn't have a "UseOutlook" registry DWORD so I had to create it as follows: Edit/New/DWORD Value..then type UseOutlook in the prompted field and enter it. Then double click it and set the value to 1.
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