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magicVORTEX.exe Return Code 4
 Jim Hirschinger

Date Posted:
 6/4/2004 01:34 (UTC)

I have one of several magicVORTEX accounts that is sporadically getting return code 4 from batch command line magicVORTEX.exe executions. Error level 4 is documented as Failure during file send. I've determined with the DSL provider that there's been no loss of network communications. What other explanations are there for error level 4?
 magicVORTEX Team

Date Posted:
 6/4/2004 13:50 (UTC)

The magicVORTEX application may exit with an error level 4 for a number of reasons. All of the possible reasons have to do with a failure during the file send step. Some of the possible reasons include, not having the available Transfer Limit at the moment of the file send, not being able to reach the Relay server at the moment of file send, sending to an invalid recipient, not being able to access the file because it's in use by another application. These are just some of the many reasons why you might encounter an error level 4.

Unfortunately, command-line batch execution does have it's weaknesses, and this is one of them (i.e., not receiving a more verbose error message during an error). If you prefer to implement a solution with more control, then you may want to consider creating a solution where you implement the Vortex Transfer Agent COM object. Note that implementing such a solution would require capable development resources (i.e., programmers) on your part.

To read our online developer's guide, visit:

Additionally, if you have the opportunity, you could try, when the you encounter this specific error, to re-produce the error by sending a file interactively via the magicVORTEX application (to the same list of recipients, etc.). Any error that occurs during the file send step, will be reported to you (the user) with a more descriptive error by the application.
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