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"Refresh" period - any way to configure using TransferAgent.DLL
 Matthew Watson

Date Posted:
 5/3/2004 14:54 (UTC)


I'm using the TransferAgent.DLL to access the Magic Vortex functionality. Everything is working fine except one thing that I don't know how to do:

It seems that TransferAgent.DLL is accessing the internet every 10 minutes or so. Unfortunately, I'm writing an app that will be used by people with dial-up networking over a modem, and having it dial up every 10 minutes is not acceptible to the customers.

Is there any way to select a longer refresh period for TransferAgent.DLL? Ideally, I want it to connect no more often than once every four hours.

I tried setting the RefreshRate item, but that doesn't seem to like being set to a value greater than 10 (it just stays set to 10).

Can anybody help?

 magicVORTEX Team

Date Posted:
 5/3/2004 15:52 (UTC)

You might want to try setting the RefreshRate to 1. This would equate to a 100 minute inventory refresh delay (as opposed to the 10 minute refresh delay when set to 10.)

If this is not slow enough for your application, then you might want to consider calling the Start() and Halt() methods. Every four hours your application could call the Start() method. After you process any file transfers, your application could call the Halt() method to stop inventory refreshes from occurring. This could be a solution to your application's requirement of only refreshing every four hours.

Remember the following regarding the RefreshRate and TransferRate properties:

RefreshRate--Represents the rate at which the Inventory is refreshed. Changing this property is helpful when you want to limit the frequency with which an application retrieves a new Inventory from the magicVORTEX Relay.

TransferRate--Represents the rate at which files are transferred, either sending or receiving. Changing this property is helpful when limited bandwidth is available for all applications. A lower setting would allow other applications to access more bandwidth during file transfers, than if the rate were set high.

In both cases, a rate of 10 is ten times as fast as a rate of 1.

Date Posted:
 5/3/2004 15:55 (UTC)

That will do just fine - thanks very much for your quick response! :)
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