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Command-line error level 0x4 when offline
 Jim Hirschinger

Date Posted:
 11/22/2003 15:54 (UTC)

Having a problem with the command-line magicvortex.exe getting return code 0x4 doing a send when Magicvortex is offline. In other words, when the DSL link is down and Magicvortex is offline, a batch execution of magicvortex.exe returns error level 4 and does not queue the file to send.

I thought Magicvortex should queue a file to send regardless of the connection status and then send the file when the link is back up. This is a major reason that I choose Magicvortex over pcAnywhere or Dropchute--because Magicvortex is supposed to ride out communications outages.
 magicVORTEX Team

Date Posted:
 11/22/2003 18:12 (UTC)

If you review the magicVORTEX application's command-line syntax, then you'll notice that an error level of 4 is considered to be a "Failure during file send".

One of the first steps that occurs when a file is transferred via magicVORTEX is that the magicVORTEX Relay Server is notified about the file. This step is called file publication. Once a file is published then the magicVORTEX application is designed to, in your words, "ride out communication outages". Naturally, if the initial file publish step cannot be completed then an error is returned by the application.

To address your specific issue, simply continue attempting to publish the file until a success (0) is reported. When an error is reported during your batch execution process, simply exit the routine (or enter your error handling routines) and allow your commands to be executed again by the normal scheduling processes.

To learn more about how magicVORTEX works, visit:
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