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Creating a Dedicated Send Target
 magicVORTEX Team

Date Posted:
 8/20/2002 19:11 (UTC)

If you want a quicker way to send files to a favorite recipient, you can create a Dedicated Send Target. This technique will create a shortcut on your desktop that you can drag-and-drop files onto. The files will be sent immediately to the specified recipient without asking any questions. You can create as many Dedicated Send Targets as you like.

To create a Dedicated Send Target:
1. Right-click on your desktop background.
2. Select New > Shortcut
3. Paste in the following command, replacing with your recipient's email address
"C:\Program Files\magicVORTEX\magicVORTEX.exe" /
4. Click Next
5. Type the name of the recipient
6. Click Finish

Just drag files on top of the magicVORTEX icon and drop to send files directly to that address.
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Sending files to yourself can be a great way to share files between your work and home computers. Just install the magicVORTEX application on both computers and use the same email address to sign in.