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Automating File History Downloads
 magicVORTEX Team

Date Posted:
 7/10/2002 18:52 (UTC)

In order to automate the download of File History data, simply execute an HTTP GET using the following URL:<f>&Year=<y>&Month=<m>&Email=<e>&Password=<p>


<f> = The desired output format of the file history datafile. Currently, two formats are supported comma-delimited and tab-delimited. Comma-delimited is denoted by the code: CSV, while tab-delimited is denoted by the code: TAB.

<y> = The 4-digit year filter (e.g., 2002).

<m> = The 1 or 2-digit month filter (i.e., January=1, February=2,... December=12).

<e> = The Primary Email Address of the account whose file history you wish to download.

<p> = The password of the Primary Email Address used to access magicVORTEX.
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