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Transferring between two of your own PCs
 magicVORTEX Team

Date Posted:
 12/10/2001 20:38 (UTC)

OK. So you need to get a file from one of your PCs to another. Now what? Well actually, the answer is quite simple. Send the file to yourself.

What you'll need:
- Two (2) different PCs with magicVORTEX installed on both.
- The same magicVORTEX account must be used on both PCs.
- On the target PC, magicVORTEX should be running in Grid Console mode.

What happens:
1. Using magicVORTEX, you'll transfer the data to yourself (using your Primary Email Address as the recipient email address) from the source PC.

2. As soon as it is 100% sent, the file will change from an outgoing file to an incoming file. And more importantly, it will automatically become paused.

3. In order to get the file, you'll run magicVORTEX (in Grid Console mode) on the target PC. Having done so, you should see your incoming file marked as "Not available on this computer". All you need to do is press the Make Local button and then unpause the file. Your file will now begin to transfer to your target PC. Easy.


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