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Command-line Syntax
 magicVORTEX Team

Date Posted:
 7/10/2002 19:10 (UTC)

Beginning with version 1.6, the magicVORTEX application allows the following command-line options and parameters:

magicvortex.exe [<file1> [... <fileN>] [/to:<email>] [/c] [/s] | [/quit]]

<file> (Optional)
This parameter is the filename (or the complete path and filename) of the file being sent. Multiple files should be delimited with one space. When this parameter is not specified, then the application will launch without initiating any new file transfers.

/to:<email> (Optional)
This parameter is the recipient's email address. Multiple email addresses should be delimited with one semi-colon only (no spaces). When this parameter is not specified, then the application will prompt the sender to provide recipient information via an interactive dialog window.

/c (Optional)
This option turns on the email confirmation flag for the sent file(s).

/s (Optional)
This option causes the entire operation to occur silently (i.e., the application will not be activated and/or restored).

/quit (Optional)
This option overrides all others, and will cause the application to exit immediately.

When run from the command-line, the magicVORTEX application exits with the following error levels:

0 = Success.
1 = Error: Default error or Transfer Agent could not be initialized.
2 = Error: Bad/invalid credentials.
3 = Error: Bad/invalid file.
4 = Error: Failure during file send.
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