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Private Transfer Networks
 magicVORTEX Team

Date Posted:
 4/25/2002 21:14 (UTC)

Private Transfer Networks allow you to create a private community of users where sending data is restricted to only other members of that community.

There are 3 restriction levels available within a Private Transfer Network.

> Level 0. No restrictions.
Users can send to any Internet e-mail address.

> Level 1. Send within network only.
Users can send only to other users within the private network.

> Level 2. One-way only.
Users can send only to other level 0 or level 1 accounts within the private network. (This is useful for users which should only send data to a central set of users. Accounts of this type cannot send files to outside users or other level 2 accounts.)

The monthly charges from all the accounts within the Private Transfer Network are consolidated to one master account.

To create a Private Transfer Network, please contact
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