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Secure Transfers Using magicVORTEX
 magicVORTEX Team

Date Posted:
 12/7/2001 18:58 (UTC)

magicVORTEX enables users to send files securely and directly. The procedure is straightforward and does not require a lengthy certificate acquisition process. By using strong encryption (128-bit key strength) and widely accepted technology (SSL), magicVORTEX can deliver the same reliability and security that protects the financial community throughout the world.

For secure transfers, the Vortex Relay becomes a "shared trust" between the sender and receiver. The Vortex Relay will act as an arbiter for the transaction. The importance of this shared trust is that it allows the use of client-based Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) as the key exchange mechanism.

When sending a file, sender establishes a SSL connection with the Vortex Relay using a dynamically generated key. During this phase, the program validates the authenticity of the Vortex Relay’s certificate, therefore ensuring against impersonation. This process is repeated on the recipient’s computer. Once the file transfer is initiated, the transfer will continue streaming, block by block, until completed. Every bit of transmitted data is encrypted using the SSL generated key. The net effect is an easy to use yet still highly secure transfer.

The Vortex Relay is housed in an unmarked facility in New Jersey. Access to the data center is completely restricted. Even technical support personnel do not have unapproved access to the data storage devices. In addition, all quality-of-service monitoring is done remotely. These security practices protect against an unlikely attempt to physically compromise the Vortex Relay itself.
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Sending files to yourself can be a great way to share files between your work and home computers. Just install the magicVORTEX application on both computers and use the same email address to sign in.